Dear Inappropriate McDonald’s Manager

Dear Inappropriate McDonald’s Manager

Dear Inappropriate McDonald’s Manager,

I’m pretty sure that girl is underage. When I walked in to get my chicken nuggets, you were doing that thing that most retail managers do when it’s slow — hang out off to the side with that, “I’m the manager, it’s slow, so I can chill” look.

Which is fine.

And you were sitting with a girl who had that, “my shift hasn’t started so I’ll hangout and talk to the manager” look.

Which is also fine.

Except you were clearly kickin that, “wouldn’t you love to f*ck a manager” game. Annnnnd I’m pretty sure that girl wasn’t 18.

In fact I’d bet a 20 piece on it.

So when you dipped back into the storage room and she followed — I felt a little dirty for having witnessed that. You further ruined my 6 piece experience when you walked out several minutes later with your arm around the chick.

Sure I’ve banged a co-worker — but I was LUCKY it didn’t go fatal attraction on me. Most people aren’t that lucky. Plus…ya know…there’s the whole…she WASN’T OF AGE thing!

Keep it in your happy meal box buddy!

Yours On Behalf Of Chris Hanson And Dateline,


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