Dear YouTube Singers

Dear YouTube Singers

Dear YouTube Singers,

If you could stop uploading those bullshit videos of yourself singing the popular song of the moment – horrendously – it would be amazing for me. When I do a search for Kendrick Lamar…guess what I’m NOT looking for ?!?!

Dave Smith and his talent-less friends singing a Kendrick Lamar song. And really…

Who is?????

I mean why even do this? Do you think record execs are trolling around YouTube looking for the next big grainy webcam act. Do you really think you’ll ever get this call: “Listen, I caught you singing Drake on YouTube and I was just blown away! Can you come by my office today??”

Singing badly is one thing. Singing badly and recording it is another. But singing badly, recording it, and forcing it onto the rest of the world is just criminal. I’m not kidding. I feel like you’re breaking some sort of statute!!

Yours In Ridiculousness,


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