Dear New Mexican Restaurant

Dear New Mexican Restaurant

I am a recent patron of your establishment and I felt that you, as a new business, should be aware of something…

You don’t have hot salsa !!!

I repeat.

You do not have hot salsa !!!

I assume that you must not be aware of this, being that any respectable restaurant that calls itself “Mexican” must have some form of mouth charring hot salsa! I cannot imagine a world in which you would knowingly open your doors without anything to serve me that will make me regret ordering it.

It’s pretty standard for us “black folks” to come in and order the hottest shit on the menu to prove a point…and to get the trots the next day. Don’t deny me my bubble guts homie!

That being said, the enchiladas were tasty.

So, all in all it wasn’t a horrible experience. But next time I want taste and fire.

Indigestively yours,

Heat Seeker

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