Dear John Lasseter,

Dear John Lasseter,

Just come out with it. None of us live under a rock. We all know that we are on a roller coaster ride of discovery when it comes to sexual harassment and assault perpetrators.

Some were not shocking (looking at you Weinstein) and some were jaw dropping (really, Charlie Rose?) but all were called out and forced to deal with the repercussions. Now apparently we’re on the preemptive part of the ride, where people step down BEFORE the accusation. But here’s the thing:

If what you did is serious enough for you to step down from your powerful post as head of Disney Animation and Pixar — then just come out with it! It’s like when you play hide and go seek and you can see the kid’s foot sticking out from behind the tree. We can see your shoe, bro – we don’t need to go through the motions. Just come on out with it.



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