Dear Homeless Guy with Amenities

Dear Homeless Guy with Amenities

I’m not sure that I have the words.

As I walked across the patio at the Coffee Bean on my way to GNC, I saw you sitting in a chair with your back to me. I immediately thought, “this guy has the dirtiest hair I’ve ever seen”. So you can imagine my surprise when I peered over your shoulder as I walked by and saw you watching a movie on your(?) portable DVD player!


You didn’t want to spend that money on some clean clothes? A haircut? SOME COFFEE / FOOD??!? I mean you were AT a shopping center. I’m not naive. I know that the chances are very good that you obtained that DVD player through less than honest methods. But I’m also a bit of an optimist. So let’s say you maybe found the DVD player on a trash heap or something (it was a very old model). Here’s my question:

Where did you get the movie (Kong Skull Island) from ?!?!?!

I mean I know people throw out players that don’t work, but they usually keep their movies…especially new releases ! As I left GNC and headed back across the Coffee Bean patio to my car, you were still there and you did something I never thought possible. You took my utter amazement to another level…

YOU asked ME for some spare change!!

Seriously?!?!?!? Sell the goddamn portable DVD player and eat for weeks!!

Yours in utter bewilderment,


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