Dear Driver of the Yellow Hummer

Dear Driver of the Yellow Hummer

I think you know why I’m writing you this letter. With that license plate on a Big Bird-yellow Hummer; I’m sure you want some attention. Yet I had to extend my thanks for turning an otherwise boring ass commute into a giggling fit. That just might be the funniest thing I’ve seen this summer.

I usually hate personalized plates because it gives the corny people of the world a canvas. I’ve seen too many SXYLDY1’s & RADDAD’s in my lifetime to hope for anything witty or entertaining on the back of a car. You sir or ma’am (I never actually passed you) have inspired me to work on my own.

Maybe I♥YRMOM?

How about GLBLWMR since I drive an SUV?

Nah, those aren’t nearly as funny as HUMMONIT. Which is still cracking me up, BTW. Thanks again!



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