Dear Chipotle

Dear Chipotle

Dear Front Line at Chipotle,

When I ordered the 3 Soft Chicken Taco’s the other day, I was expecting the bang for your buck type of fillers you once served. I was utterly amazed when I asked for corn –you dropped about 6-7 kernels on each taco. That was barely a lil glimmer of sunshine. Also when I asked for cheese you gave me snow flurries instead of inches.

I asked for hot salsa, and I thought you got right until I got back to the hotel and was absolutely disgusted with your watered down shit… I also don’t understand the blank irritated stare you gave me when I asked for more chicken, corn and cheese…you were acting like my request was abnormal. If all you’re doing is jazz hands over everybody’s food, then I’m sure the request for more chicken, corn and cheese wouldn’t be your first! And stop acting like the “Chipotle Big Heads” are taking the cheese out of your check!  I promise, my 3 tacos won’t affect the company bottom line.

Yours Truly,

A Corny Chipotle Lover Wronged

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