Dear Boss Lady

Dear Boss Lady

That is a picture of my inbox.


Not including the papers stuffed in my drawer tighter than your ass in those stretch pants.

That was unfair I know.

Want to know what else is unfair? You asking me to run off some copies when I told you earlier that there is no way I can get my work done with 3 people on vacation!! Make your own damn copies! I know you have never done my job before so let me tell you what you are looking at here.

It’s called work!

Now that I have made you aware of my issues, I truly don’t expect anything to change. So, don’t feel pressured to help me succeed. Don’t delegate any work around since I’m the only person left on the team this week. Please don’t offer to help me yourself in any way. That would make entirely too much sense.

Approaching had it up to here,


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