Dear Charmin

August 26, 2017 JR 12

Certain things in life you take for granted, you know? The things you truly don’t miss until their gone. Hot water, Monday Night Football, air. […]

Dear Supervisor at the Urinal

August 25, 2017 JR 2

Why in the hell are you trying to have a conversation right now??? Several obvious jokes come to mind…”I’m working ova here!”, “Working with a […]

Dear ex-lady friend

August 22, 2017 JR 5

I know you wonder why I seemed uncomfortable last night. I was… Very… I don’t know how you were raised but what you have in […]

Dear liquor store cashier

August 18, 2017 JR 3

OK…I know I look young.  I understand this.  I also know that you have to do your due diligence in assuring that you don’t get hosed by a fake ID. But you are […]